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Discovery Chasing Incredibles - Filmmakers In Action
Veteran Documentary Director/
Cameraman for Discovery Channel
Brian McDairmant This is an incredible time for filmmakers.

Scottish Director of Photography, Brian McDairmant has filmed numerous iconic Discovery documentary work, including China: Time of XI, How China made it, History of Singapore, Discovery Atlas: India Revealed and more. He has received nominations for BAFTA, EMMY and RTS awards for his work.

Travel Show/
Documentary Filmmaker for Discovery Channel
Ricardo Afonso If you want to become a filmmaker, don’t give up. There are so many opportunities.

Ricardo Afonso from the UK has lived in China for nine years. Having traveled across Asia, China's major cities and lesser-known hideaways, he is the man behind the camera for many critically acclaimed travel documentaries. He is also a cameraman for My Cat From Hell.

New-Generation Award-winning Producer
for Discovery Channel
Allan Mao In music, the building blocks are notes. In video, it starts with images. They share the same logic and process.

Beijing-based Allen Mao used to work with music. Now, he is an award-winning producer and a representative of the new generation of Discovery's filmmakers, with credits such as The Very Edge of China and Explore the Origin of Green Tea.